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Welcome to RSR Metal Spinning! With over 25 years of experience, RSR Metal Spinning provides the best quality spinnings with superior customer service.  

Our talented crew, have been in this industry for an average over 10 years each. With that experience comes the ability to make many complicated spinnings that a novice could not make.  

Our shop foreman has been with us since the beginning. He was RSR’s first employee and continues to take metal spinning to an art level beyond what most shops offer.  

We are one of the largest spinning companies in California and we have a reputation of being the best in the business, as well as the most reputable, honest and timely. We work hard to keep a quality and service level that can't be beat,  

We stand by our work and strive to keep all of our customers happy. So please browse around our site and check us out. Our shop is top notch and our guys are at the top of the game. If you have any questions about what we do or how we do it, feel free to call us at 626-814-2339 or to drop us an e-mail at

Thanks again for stopping by our page, and we hope we can provide you with excellent service in the near future.  

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